New: Ploeg Durables

De Ploeg Durables is a responsible collection with attention to balance between people, the environment and the economy.

A modest gesture

For almost 100 years now, De Ploeg has been working on premium quality curtain and upholstery fabrics. Fabrics to be savoured. Made with people and the environment in mind. Designed and developed in-house and manufactured within the European Union using an honest and safe production process.

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Natural responsibility

De Ploeg has always cared about sustainability. With qualities such as ‘Sea’ and ‘Ocean’ De Ploeg gave a new life to plastic litter a few years ago. For the qualities ‘Mesh’ and ‘Rise’ we chose yarns made from recycled PET bottles. En with ´Choice’ De Ploeg introduced a pure yet functional fabric, fully biodegradable, and also in compliance with fire retardancy standards. This current range will this year be complemented with 5 new innovative qualities which were created in line with our sustainability philosophy.

Mission driven design

Sustainable crops are at the root of our Durables collection. Alternative options driven by our mission and developed innovatively. We chose yarns made from recycled Trevira CS or recycled ocean plastics, but also natural sustainable materials such as hemp and lyocell. These fabrics have a characteristic traditional look and fit perfectly with the De Ploeg values.

A new standard

Sustainability is the answer to the time we live in. As the pace of the world around you is constantly speeding up, you will naturally seek peace and quiet. Experiences that you can consciously enjoy. Luxury and tranquillity from natural materials and inspiring surroundings. De Ploeg is constantly evolving and striving to create a responsible collection keeping in mind the balance between people, the environment and the economy. Now, but also looking to future generations. This is the new standard.

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