Would you like to De Ploeg fabrics for a long time? Please take on this advice, to enjoy as long as possible your De Ploeg curtain and/or upholstery fabrics.

Upholstry fabrics

  • Never cut loops or remove them, but put them back into the tissue.
    Vacuum clean with a smooth nozzle & if possible brush with a soft furniture brush.
  • Also keep the seams on your furniture dust & dirt free.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Clean your furniture regularly, this will prolong the lifespan.
    Do not use detergents, these are often less suitable for furniture materials.
  • Never use soap or detergent.
  • Do not impregnate your De Ploeg upholstery fabric with dust and/or dirt preventing substance. This can affect the fiber and the good dirt preventing characteristics of wool. Also on synthetic compositions (for example Trevira CS), it is less suitable. The guarantee on the furniture fabric will expire completely.
  • The De Ploeg team advises only to use maintenance and cleaning products of James. These are tested on our fabrics.

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Curtain fabrics

Do not let the curtains get too dirty. Washing or chemical/dry cleaning gives better results lot let the curtains stay longer more beautiful. Always remove the hooks beforehand. These can damage the fabric & the laundry & cleaning equipment.

Larger curtains can not generally be washed in a washing machine. In the case of excessive filling of the washing machine, the curtains are exposed to too much friction & wrinkle formation. Wool curtains can only be cleaned chemically.

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Maintenance & cleaning of our furniture extends lifespan

De Ploeg fabrics are excellent to be cleaning. The use of good cleaning products in the correct way are important. You can always call in the help of a professional cleaner.

Weekly maintenance of upholstery fabrics

Weekly maintenance has effect that dust & fiber particles can not accumulate or stick to the fabric. It is important to vacuum your furniture with a smooth attachment, also between & under seat cushions. (Note watch out for a sharp edge at the end of the suction rod itself.) The purpose of proper vacuuming is to remove dirt particles, dust & sand (with an easy sanding motion in & around seams!).

Periodiek onderhoud Periodic maintenance

Regarding periodic maintenance the biggest problem is the accumulation of skin fats. This is especially around of the armrests, headrest and seat area. A gray or greasy places can be seen in the long run. Skin greases are well removed by application of James Water. Spray James Water on a dry cloth cloth and rub it in soft and long motions over the unclean surfaces.

Spot removal

In the case of staining, we recommend that you only use water with a towel. Make a towel wet with lukewarm water & wring it out. Lay over the stain & allow the towel to dry without lifting it in between (it can take up to 24 hours). Large areas of the stain will be included in the cotton fiber while drying the towel. You can finish any stain remainings with James spot water or James stain remover. All De Ploeg qualities have been tested with the James tools & are available on the site, you can find a suitable solution on De Ploeg- quality – fabric name in combination with the type of stain. The James products can be ordered & bought directly online.