Sustainable thinking & acting

From the very beginning, De Ploeg has worked with honest materials and has had a distinct approach towards design and the world around us.

De Ploeg curtains and upholstery fabrics are renowned for their superior quality, both of the fabric composition and properties. This guarantees the products’ long life span.

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"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."


THINK About the essence of home and work.

INNOVATE How can we make things better and - especially - more enjoyable for people?

BEGIN By putting people first in everything you do.

COMFORT VALUES A pleasant indoor climate thanks to the right curtains. Comfort means feeling happy in your surroundings. In interior spaces, comfort is largely determined by a fabric’s ergonomic properties.

VISUAL COMFORT Filter light using window coverings and allow just enough diffuse daylight to come through.

THERMAL COMFORT Manage heat through window coverings. Create a pleasant indoor climate and save energy at the same time.

ACOUSTIC COMFORT Reduce echoing and dampen distracting noises using curtains and panelling. An easy way to improve concentration and communication.

EASY TO USE Fabrics which are easy to maintain, so save yourself some work. Great durability.