Care instructions

Below you will find an explanation of the washing instructions which can be found on the De Ploeg sample.


Normal program
 Anti-crease program
Normal program
Anti-crease program
Wool wash program
Quick hand wash only
Do not wash, do not soak

The numbers in the tubs indicate the highest permissible wash temperature; do not exceed it. Normal wash programs also include E-, economy and half wash programs.


Non-chemical cleaning
Regular cleaning
Special cleaning

Items with P or F in the circle usually cannot be de-stained with tetra or tri. The letters are mainly intended for the dry cleaner. They indicate the solvent to be used. The line under the circle means: light loading high float ratio, little mechanical movement, short cleaning, rinsing, and spinning times; especially do not add water.

Anti-crease programs

For items containing synthetic fibers and/or made crease-resistant; load machine with half the maximum weight.

Hand wash lukewarm or warm
Wool wash; only according to wool wash program; load 1/3 or 1/4 of maximum weight.


Hot ironing
Warm ironing
Ironing lukewarm
No ironing


Cold bleaching with bleach, concentrated chlorine agent in dilute solution possible
Bleaching not possible

Drum drying

Normal textiles
Heat-sensitive textiles
Do not tumble dry