A well-considered collection, with the emphasis on craftsmanship and design

At De Ploeg, we have been working on ideas about living and working for almost one hundred years. All this time, we have been designing, developing and producing curtain and upholstery fabrics. With attention to the interior and the world around us. With the emphasis on craftsmanship and natural materials: Ploeg fabrics!

Quality made to last

De Ploeg develops fabrics the way they used to be made: assembled and woven thread by thread with craftsmanship.

Vision on design

From its origins, we at De Ploeg work with honest materials and a clear vision of design and how we treat the world. In the development process of our fabrics, we work towards:

  • conscious design, timeless, integer and innovative
  • consciously dealing with raw materials and production processes
  • consciously dealing with people, optimal comfort, people-friendly and safe
  • conscious handling of environmental aspects

Seeing, thinking, doing

Designing is thinking about living and living well. Translating cultural trends into the collection. Design vision starts with learning to notice and express values in textiles.

Working together

At De Ploeg, we pay attention to the people around us: we collaborate with architects and retailers, furniture makers and consumers. They are our mirror, especially in the development of new fabrics.