Working world

D/Dock’s interior designers think from the experience and perception of the user of an interior, whether at home, in care or at work.

D/DOCK Amsterdam

Interior architects from D/Dock take the user perception and experience as their reference point when looking at an interior; at home, in care facilities, at work. Design can contribute to the way people experience the world, to a person’s wellbeing. When talking to Edward van der Poll and Eva van Veldhoven at their office at Amsterdam’s Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, the topic is the continuous thought process to determine people’s needs for a good working environment. And also the company they set up (D/Dock-Furnifly) in order to re-use office furniture in a smart way.

Examples of projects De Ploeg has collaborated on with D/Dock architects are: Google Amsterdam, OVG Amsterdam, Element Hotel Amsterdam, Delta Lloyd and VUmc Cancer Centre.

Feel good office

D/DOCK got the chance to transform 3,000m2 of office space into an interactive landscape for the Google team in Amsterdam. Inspiration for the design was the garage in which Larry Page and Sergey Brin first launched Google. Quirky elements reflect this – from graffiti on the walls and light fittings that look like cardboard boxes, to the industrial open ceilings and the container wall in the Johan Cruijff Tech Talk; an auditorium seating 70 people.

D/DOCK approached the new workspace as an intelligent landscape. Each floor has its own ‘cave’. All shared facilities such as meeting rooms, video booths, micro-kitchens and so-called huddle rooms (compact meeting rooms) are

centred around this area. The individual workstations are part of the ‘neighbourhoods’ located along the windows. In this adaptive layout the working environment stimulates communication but at the same time offers the opportunity to concentrate and find isolation. A subtle wink to Dutch culture.

D/DOCK Partner and Managing Director, Coen van Dijck calls the Google office a ‘feel good’ office: “A working environment has been created that meets everyone’s needs and improves people’s performance. Happiness, comfort, flexibility, relaxation, movement, daylight, fresh air, visual stimulation and balanced catering are fundamental elements that make this office a healthy place”, he adds.

Google Amsterdam features the following De Ploeg fabrics: Nevada, Bold, Acre and Vilano.


Every used piece of furniture tells a story

A unique player in the market, Furnify links the increasing demand for second-hand furniture to the existing offer of discarded homeware: products with a story to tell, of which the residual value is often underestimated. Furnify is pioneering circular buying.

Instead of burdening the world with new products, Furnify gratefully makes use of discarded furniture, sourcing from a large network of second life homeware suppliers. Cooperating with local artisans, Furnify upscales and restyles the written off pieces, putting them on the market again and giving them a second life.

D/Dock has already made use of the unique Furnify office furniture in projects such as Google Amsterdam and Delta Lloyd.

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