New collection De Ploeg on IMM 2020

De Ploeg presented its new 2020 collection at IMM.

The essence

De Ploeg goes back to the essence. Everything revolves around the essence and versatility of weaving. We create fabrics with character through refined techniques. And by taking advantage of the new possibilities of contemporary processes. Each fabric has its own appearance/signature/ mood. The texture can be delicate or coarser, but always soft and beautiful in its simplicity. Sometimes there is the calmness of harmonious neutral tones or the subdued playfulness of repeating textures. But the collection also includes designs with expressive stripes and blocks of color.

Unbottling beauty

Some De Ploeg fabrics are not only beautiful, but also have a story. They add value and beauty to discarded materials and thus save raw materials. For good living with a good conscience. These qualities consist of 65% yarn from recycled plastic bottles. This is woven into sustainable fabrics. The special material sparked our creativity and inspired us to create two variants. Mesh is the serene plain version and Rise a digitally printed print in various subtle gradient shades and tones.


Structure characterizes our five new furniture fabrics. Special weaves of the soft yarns make the fabric sturdy and stylish, adding vibrant layering and depth. The materials are synthetic or natural, each with its own advantage. From coarse to fine, from bouclé to chenille, they are functional, robust and aesthetic. The supple fabrics are comfortable and invite you to sit on them. And of course they keep their color and strength. Made to last.

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