Healing environment

It is no longer just about care and medication, the environment is becoming increasingly important!

Contributing to a pleasant care environment

It is no longer just about care and medication, the environment is becoming increasingly important! Everyone intuitively feels that buildings affect how people function and how they feel. However intangible that influence may be. The potential effects of the physical environment are being taken more and more seriously, partly because of concrete results from research. Modifying that environment so that it too contributes to healing is a new development. A healing environment is a healthcare environment designed from the evidence-based design idea. An environment that contributes optimally to the well-being, recovery and functioning of people.

Positive influence on well-being

Colors play an important role. Colors that are subtle and harmonious, quiet and light colors supplemented with color accents where possible. No longer clinical but open and welcoming with warm colors and especially lots of daylight and views. Applications that a care or health institution can use in the context of healing environment are practical matters such as daylight access, good lux values (amount of light per square meter) and pleasant routing. But also consider atmosphere-determining issues: use of greenery, views of green surroundings and colors that suit the space, the users of the space and the activities that take place there. Because curtains are an important color element, they play a role in the room’s well-being.

Atmospheric but above all functional

De Ploeg fabrics dress up the room, offer comfort and regulate light and temperature. They take the edge off unwanted ambient noise and reverberation. They can also connect or divide space, and all without compromising the required specifications!


  • Maintenance; bactericidal fabrics that are generally washable at 60 degrees.
  • Safety; fire retardant fabrics.
  • Functionality; sturdy furniture fabrics, dirt-repellent finish/fibers.
  • Appearance feeling of coming home, feeling at home, curtains match the feeling of home.

Stylish fire-retardant

De Ploeg has developed a number of fabrics especially for the healthcare sector. For example, these fabrics are composed of 100% Trevira CS yarn, which gives them the best fire-resistant properties imaginable. This makes the fabric ideal for use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The qualities for the healthcare sector are washable at 60 degrees and additionally antibacterial to finish.

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Pleasing to the eye but easy on the ear

For open spaces, De Ploeg also has a number of acoustically transparent curtain fabrics in its collection. Transparent curtains help to create an optimal indoor climate, not only by respecting the view and privacy, but also by reducing the reverberation time in the room, thus improving well-being.

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