De Ploeg: Wool

De Ploeg makes the best fabrics in natural materials. Wool furniture fabrics that are hardwearing like quality Ploeg wool.

Upholstery fabric Ploegwool

De Ploeg introduces a new upholstery fabric

  • Natural material: 100% pure wool;
  • Melange color makes the fabric adapt to the colors in the room;
  • Comfortable and soft touch;
  • Wool fabrics have functional properties such as insulating, flame retardant, self-cleaning and breathable;
  • ‘Best quality’ fine yarn wine, high yarn weight;
  • Durable;
  • The fabric is available in 64 colors;

Strong fabrics since 1923

Tradition in the weaving of wool

In the tradition and love of weaving wool, De Ploeg has, in recent years, developed new wool fabrics such as PLOEGWOOL, Andes, Bergen, Moss, Landscape, Nevada, Coast and Vilano, among others. This gives De Ploeg a wide range of pure and durable wool materials. Various furniture manufacturers, such as Leolux, Cor and Rolf Benz, work with De Ploeg’s fabrics!


Wool, today’s vintageĀ 

De Ploeg makes the best fabrics in natural materials. Wool furniture fabrics that are indestructible like quality Ploeg wool. The soft melange structure creates the best of both worlds: pure, natural material and an innovative soft touch. The color propositions are applicable in any interior such as pebble and powder shades that match a new design that makes the design world a lot more sensitive, softer and less strict.

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