De Ploeg-Timeless

The collection borrows from the minimalist Scandinavian style: elegant and harmonious, beautiful in its simplicity. Curious how these principles have developed?

Not changed

Over almost 100 years our mission has not changed. Our commitment to delivering high quality, honest and durable materials has never wavered. We are passionate about recognisable, unique designs. And we are focussed on what people need in essence to live and work comfortably. With these elements in mind we develop superior functional fabrics which bring peace, balance and beauty to your interior. We appreciate classic craftmanship but also welcome new ways of thinking and modern technology.


The family of fabrics – timeless simplicity

De Ploeg interior fabrics have timeless colours and design, but are still current. There is a wide selection of materials, from supple to robust, sheer or solid, with a rich texture or a smooth feel. Play and dare to combine. Our creative designs are developed with an eye for trends that last. This is why they feel at home in many interiors and remain fashionable for decades.De Ploeg has a commitment to deliver high quality, honest and durable materials. Our fabrics are built to last. It’s our passion to produce unique designs that are recognizable.

Modern nordic minimalism creates harmony

Uni fabrics, colour mixes and structured weaves have an air of calm, subtle luxury. With their natural look they offer a contrast to the fast moving world outside. Inspiration for this part of the collection comes from the minimalist Scandinavian style: elegant and harmonious, beautiful in its simplicity.

Contemporary graphics – playfully shaping colours

In our colourful, graphical designs we dare to add a touch of the unexpected. Geometrical forms and blocks which always have a refined signature. Modern and loosely inspired by well-known shapes, so still familiar.

Authentic design – made to last

De Ploeg designs and develops its collections completely in-house; original structures, patterns and colour spectra. The fabrics are expertly produced and compiled and woven thread by thread.

Respect for man and the environment

Ploeg fabrics are almost entirely produced inside the EU, so production processes and working conditions are in line with strict regulations. All our qualities conform to the European REACH standards and are produced without using harmful chemicals. Our preference is to use natural and renewable raw materials and we are increasingly recycling and upcycling.

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