De Ploeg thoughtfully sustainable – ISO 14001

Last year, De Ploeg was officially ISO 14001 certified.

Corporate Social Responsibility

De Ploeg strives to be a responsible manufacturer, customer, employer, vendor and neighbor. Everything we do is designed to grow our business and our customers’ businesses and contribute to a more sustainable world. We actively encourage our employees, our customers and our partners to participate in initiatives that support the environment.

ISO 14001 Certified

Last year, De Ploeg was officially ISO 14001 certified. An internationally accepted standard with requirements for an environmental management system to develop an environmental policy appropriate to the organization and to guarantee its implementation. De Ploeg thus aims to control and even reduce the environmental risks of its business operations.

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De Ploeg reduces environmental burden

De Ploeg works systematically to reduce its environmental burden. This is reflected in the products and services provided. As a certified organization, we continue to look for ways to reduce the environmental impact of the products themselves (e.g., energy consumption, use of materials) as well as the production process.


In line with ISO 14001, De Ploeg works on sustainable products as well as sustainable processes.

De Ploeg & SEA

New is the circular curtain fabric SEA. Made from washed-up plastic. SEA gives new life to plastic litter that passionate volunteers from Project U-turn have carefully collected from ocean beaches. With this groundbreaking reuse, De Ploeg is helping to keep beaches clean and save resources worldwide.

De Ploeg & Koda

Lasting quality: good for a second life! Because even the indestructible De Ploeg fabrics become waste, the designers of plough fabrics have started reusing waste materials into new textile products. Reusing cutting waste from De Ploeg. Diana van Dongen worked with De Ploeg on the Re-use Project. This resulted in a new brand: Koda Amsterdam.

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