Aligning softness

De Ploeg is going back to its essence

Everything is focused on being, and the diversity of being. We produce fabrics full of character using refined techniques, and taking advantage of new possibilities offered by contemporary processes. Each fabric has its own presence/signature/mood. The texture can be delicate or coarse, but always soft and beautiful in its simplicity. Sometimes the stillness of harmonious, neutral tones or the modest playfulness of repeating structures. But the collection also includes designs with expressive stripes and colour blocks.

Composing textiles

The collection of curtain fabrics is rich in material, structure and appearance. The common thread is high quality, versatility and suitability for the current era. The look ranges from understatedly warm and natural to graphic – a framework of contours and colors. With real linen and linen look, as well as glossy finishes and functional materials such as Trevira.

Constructing softness

Structure is what characterizes our five new upholstery fabrics. Special weaves in soft yarns create a strong and stylish fabric and give a lively display of layers and depth.

The materials are synthetic or natural, each having its own advantages. From course to fine, from bouclé to chenille, all are functional, robust and aesthetically pleasing.

Honest wovens

De Ploeg is focused on renewable materials and honest production processes. And to that we are adding an extra dimension by not only reusing raw materials, but also designs. We believe in originality and well thought out designs. But why should we replace a good design when we could also reinvent and revitalise? Three well loved qualities are being reintroduced, but in a new, fresh colour range. A contemporary perspective on a cherished classic.

Unbottling beauty

Some Ploeg fabrics are not only beautiful, they also have a story to tell. They add value and beauty to discarded materials and save on raw materials. Living well with a good feeling. These qualities are for 65% made up of recycled plastic bottles, which are woven into durable fabrics. This special material sparked our creativity and inspired two variations. Mesh is a serene unicolored version and Rise a digital print with subtle tone gradations and intensities.

Arranging colour

With the designs we are going back to the minimalist, functional style with which De Ploeg started. Again we are inspired by Bauhaus; clean, systematic and geometric designs. We are playing with colour and structure to create technically high end designs which continue the tradition of our iconic style.

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