Acoustic transparent curtains

For the first time, we thus present fabrics that are both soundproof and transparent.

A feast for the eye

The qualities Quiet , Calm and Fade form a unique part of the collection due to their acoustic characteristics. This is the first time we can introduce fabrics which are both sound absorbing and transparent. These materials take the sharp edge off unwanted environmental sounds and echoes.

Quiet – Calm – Fade

Fabrics which are both sound absorbing and transparent.

Intensive lifestyles

We live in a busy world. The lure of distractions is great when we are expected to be available 24/7 wherever we are. That’s why we look for peace and a place where we can reflect.

Soothing for the ear

The absorbing effect of the fabric contributes to the comfort of a space – more relaxation in living spaces and increased focus in the working environment.

Thanks to the ingenious application of the yarn, the material is light and airy, yet able to absorb sounds.


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