Soft focus

De Ploeg stands for artisanal, high-quality curtain and upholstery fabrics.


De Ploeg’s collection focusses on a soft interior, combining quality and vintage. An interior that makes you feel welcome.

The melange colour games

De Ploeg designers worked on specific technical colour developments. Back to basics: start from the structure and colour of the fibre. So De Ploeg designers worked on colour structures. Feltwool, but also Birk, Kinn, Be, Comfort; structured fabrics in which the magic of colour already starts in the fibre. The melange of colours creates colour structures.

Good news: gentle soft touch

The new De Ploeg structures are soft: Curtain fabrics such as Kinn, Be and Feltwool, and a luxury woollen jacquard design with a Kashmir feel: Caya. A delightfully soft fabric made from colour: Feltwool.


  • Scandinavian influences
  • Light and open interiors
  • Light-coloured wood
  • Soft coloured shades of grey
  • Genuine and honest sustainable design


    • Wine and purple colours
    • Harvest colours of nature
    • Fig – onion – olive – aubergine
    • Intense deep colours
    • Combined with soft neutrals


        • Grey pastel colours
        • Coloured white
        • White washed
        • Soft finishes
        • Refined materials
        • Light colours

          Colour play in melange

          Fabrics with a special melange in a lightly faded, vintage colour pallet.

          Start at the beginning

          By mixing the colours of the material in the fibre and then weaving, special colour effects are created. This year De Ploeg designers worked on unique new colours and qualities, starting from the fibre. Quality made to last.

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