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Emma Children’s Hospital and De Ploeg: Every child is entitled to the best future. The Emma Children’s Hospital AMC (EKZ) is the children’s hospital of the Academic Medical Center. In addition to patient care, scientific research and education are given.


A large proportion of children and adolescents get into EKZ because of a special or rare condition. Often this happens after referral from another hospital. The patients are from all parts of the country. Due to its location in Amsterdam, there are patients with various cultural backgrounds. There are several nursing wards where children stay as old as possible (infants, larger children and teenagers).


How can you afford children and young people as much opportunities as possible to develop into a fully-fledged participant in our society despite their illness or constraint? How can you stay in the hospital? There the Emma Children’s Hospital AMC has a pronounced answer: the Metamorphosis. Under this name a large-scale renewal has taken place. The children’s hospital was completely rebuilt; At the same time, care and organization of care are renewed.


Reason for renewal is that departments do not fully meet the demands of this time. Parents want more privacy and facilities, and for children it is important that they can develop as many activities as possible. Especially in case of prolonged and repeated recordings (chronically ill), it is important not to lose connection with home, school and friends. From this point of view, the children’s hospital was optimally adapted for growing children.


A main role has been given to the Parade, the central hallway which runs through the hospital as a city street. Such a street leads to the various public places in the city: the square, the zoo, the hortus, the sports field, the theater. But also to the house and finally the child’s bedroom. The signage also comes from the same simple ‘toolkit’. The essence of the interior design lies in a subtle balance between low-key spaces in which the child can retreat and zones (a lounge, a cinema etc.) where there are ample incentives for connecting to the outside world.

Designers were guided by the choice of architects who named “The Street”, the Parade, as connecting core. In combination with the principles of the Metamorphosis, there were three concepts:

Home, City and World. From the perspective of the child, they can be translated as: me, we and them. Three zones of intimacy, starting with the most private and ending in society. It became the guide to thinking about the degree of protection that the interior had to offer, about the sensory and emotional experiences that a child in the hospital environment can gain and about how the outside world can manifest itself in the vicinity of the child.


The ambition to design the best children’s hospital in the world came to life. For all departments located at the parade, special spaces are designed. These public places are completely different and add a quality that is not immediately requested in a functional plan.

They especially enhance the unique character of the departments and all in an intuitive way relate to the city. Referring to places you can find in a city such as a zoo, the hortus, the theater, the experience of an outside world is taken in. The designers had to find a balance between such stimulating environments and places where the (seriously) sick child finds peace.

For example, a fishing lounge has been created, as well as a teenage lounge, silence lounge, terrace, garden room, playground, and so on.

The team contributed to this by advising, designing and delivering an exclusive curtain design. This has been applied to the Parade at the Terrace. We are proud of the high quality design and translation with De Ploeg: project quality. Hereby we emphasize an important goal of our brand: the human being centrally. Plows are designed to contribute to a good living environment. Aesthetics, functionality, comfort and durability go hand in hand.

On the pictures you can see the exclusive curtain on the Ronald McDonald Parade at the Emma Children’s Hospital in Amsterdam.

Contact us if you want to discuss possibilities for project application with us. We like to help you.

More information about this AMC’s metamorphosis project? Look at www.amc.nl

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