A window, for contemplation

A window where you can stop and think, gaze, dream and slow down. A window from which to peer into the distance. At De Ploeg we embrace this distance, we study the horizon and safeguard the future by carefully shaping it in the here and now.

Timelessness is the key to thinking and acting sustainably

In January 2023 we are launching a curtain collection that embodies this vision. A collection that we know has been made in a climate-friendly way and with weaves and colour combinations that epitomize timeless design. Timelessness is the key to thinking and acting sustainably. We all have a responsibility to make carefully considered choices, to resist the temptations of fleeting aesthetic fluctuations and to choose a product that suits us, always.

An innovative dream yarn

The new collection includes airy, flowing curtains that you want to touch, to run your hands through and feel how the sunlight flows through the fresh colours. These curtains are produced using pre- and post-consumer waste products and are therefore a worthy addition to our existing Durables collection.

The process of selecting raw materials for our curtains is completely in line with our vision. Searching for the most innovative and sustainable dream yarn is therefore an integral factor in the development of our collections. We have also developed new yarns for this collection, made from both pre- and post-consumer waste materials. In the production of yarns and textiles, many components are seen as waste. Waste with potential. At De Ploeg we have established collaborations with renowned suppliers such as Trevira, which collects pre-consumer waste and turns it into new raw materials. Residual materials, edging, offcuts and faulty pieces are collected in an innovative way and further developed into responsible and high-quality yarns. The refined Trevira CS yarn has fire retardant properties and is soft to the touch. The dynamic weave is elegant in appearance and very easy to look after. We also use post-consumer waste. Various products, including PET bottles and residual products from the fashion industry, are recycled to create a strong and flexible yarn. A technique that enables us to give waste products a second life.


Shades of colour subtly flow into each other, creating a play of vibrant hues. Like a horizon slowly fading away. Design Evolve is digitally printed on the transparent curtain fabric Akin and has a soft batiste-like touch. The fabric is room-high, woven in 100% recycled yarn and project-appropriate because of its fire-retardant properties.

The colours represent the ultimate base for any interior

We carefully dose the shades, listening to the properties of the colour and creating space for its strength. For us, colour is a very inspiring part of the design process. The collection is characterised by the colour shades of our new designs, misty ombres that entice you to take a closer look at the fabric. The subtle colour gradient of these designs can also be seen in the colour range of the plain curtains. Together they provide an inspiring and stylish colour palette with a variety of timeless shades such as soft moss greens, grey blues, and a rich range of rust and amber tones. The ultimate base for any interior.

These are curtains that will enhance your interior and grow with your taste. Curtains that play with the flow of light and shade, resulting in an elegant frame to gaze through or retreat behind.


A room-high transparent curtain fabric with a duo-tone effect. Refined thickening in the yarn gives the fabric a natural square effect, a fabric with a beautiful see-through. Ebony is a curtain that can be used flawlessly in different types of interiors.

A better tomorrow

By combining craftsmanship and high-tech production techniques, De Ploeg has once again developed a sustainable curtain collection. Using recycled yarns or yarns from more sustainable sources such as hemp and Lyocell, and collaborating with partners that share our vision, we believe that we can make a more positive impact on the world.

A curtain collection with which you wake up in the morning with a clear vision and reflect in the evening with a clear view of tomorrow, a better tomorrow.


A no-nonsense curtain fabric with a soft touch. Subtle effects in the yarn give the fabric a natural look. Onno is transparent, room-high and contains yarns made from recycled PET bottles and recycled cotton from the garment industry, among others.

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