Good to know

Curtains & sound

A pleated curtain mutes sound. We know the “hollow sound” in an empty room; sound is generated by sound waves that is being reflected by the walls. Curtains with pleats break the sound waves & provide a muting in sound. The more pleating in the fabric & the thicker the curtain, the better the muting of sound. With folding curtains, the muting can be neglected. Inbeteens also have a minimal effect on sound.

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Curtains & their isolating function

A thick woven curtain does not automatically have an insulating effect. A curtain with a lining that is thin & tightly woven does have this function. Just think of double glass or a cavity wall. The air between the curtain fabrics remain silent which provides isolation. This results in a significant saving of heating costs.

Curtains & static electricity

Synthetic materials such as polyester can become static by friction. For example, when a dark fabric has black, you can see the dust more easily on it. This is attracted to the static electricity. This is reinforced by the fact that the space in which the fabric is hanging is too dry. Lots of fresh air & better humidity helps, plants also help improve air humidity. When you hang the curtains against a radiator you can experience inconvenience. This is because the potential difference static electricity is eliminated.

Curtains room high

Room high curtains have the advantage that they have no seams over the length. You buy the width of your rail x the pleat type (2x single pleat, 2.5x butterfly pleat, 2x rings, etc.).


Inbetween literally means ‘in between’. This means that the thickness of the fabric is between a vitrage & the curtains. Inbetweens are usually made of polyester yarns because they are strong & flexible. These curtains have some transparency. When you look inside from outside, you can not look through here. At night (when the light is on) you see from outside only silhouettes of persons. This can be solved by placing a light on the window sill. White inbetweens are less transparant than black inbetweens.

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Lining curtains

Lining of curtains protect your curtain from discoloration, has a muting effect on noise & it also isolates.