Maintenance and properties

Do you wish to enjoy your De Ploeg fabrics for a long time? Then take this advice to heart so that you can enjoy your De Ploeg curtain and upholstery fabrics for as long as possible.

curtain fabrics

Do not allow curtains to become too dirty. Washing or dry-cleaning gives a better result when they are not too dirty and the curtains remain in a good condition for longer. Remove the hooks before cleaning, because they may damage the fabric, the washing machine or the cleaning equipment.

Larger curtains can generally not be washed in a washing machine. If the washing machine’s drum is too full, then the curtains will be subjected to too much friction and creasing. Furthermore, woollen curtains may only be dry-cleaned.


  • Never cut off snags but pull them back into the fabric.
  • Vacuum using a smooth tool and brush with a soft furniture brush.
  • Also keep seams dirt and dust free.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Regularly cleaning your upholstery fabric will lengthen its life.
  • Do not use cleaning agents as these are often not suitable for upholstery fabrics.
  • Never impregnate your Ploeg upholstery fabric with a stain repellent. This can harm the fibres and could impact the repellent quality of the wool. Also for synthetic combinations (such as Trevira CS) it is not suitable. Any warrantee on the fabric becomes void if you use stain repellents.
  • De Ploeg advises only using the cleaning agents from James. These have been tested on our fabrics.

Maintaining and cleaning your upholstery fabrics lengthens its life. Ploeg fabrics are very easy to clean. Using the right cleaning agents and methods is essential. You could also contact a specialist upholstery cleaner.

Weekly maintenance of your upholstery fabric will ensure that dust and fibre particles cannot build up or attach themselves to the fabric. It is important to vacuum your furniture with a smooth tool and to also clean in between the cushions (watch out for any sharp edges on the end of the tube). Aim of regularly hovering is to remove dirt particles, dust and sand (which have an abrasive effect, also in and around the seams).

Regarding periodic maintenance the biggest issue is a build-up of grease from the skin. You will find this especially on the arm and head rests and the seat. A dull or oily patch could eventually become visible. Grease from the skin can be treated very well with James Water ( Spray James Water on a dry towel and using slow long strokes rub this over the stained areas.

Major maintenance / specialist cleaning: We can recommend a certified specialist who can take care of maintenance. Certified members for The Netherlands can be found on

Removing stains: In case of stains we recommend using only water and a towel. Soak the towel in lukewarm water and squeeze out any excess water. Spread the towel over the stain and leave until it is dry without lifting it up (can take up to 24 hours). The stain will be largely absorbed into the cotton fibres of the towel. Any remaining stains can be treated with James Water or James Stain Remover. All Ploeg qualities have been tested with the James cleaning agents. You can check on, De Ploeg – Quality – Fabric name, in combination with the type of stain, which solution is best. The cleaning agents can also be ordered directly online.