De Ploeg offers quality that is affordable. The project collection meets the highest quality standards, making the curtain and upholstery fabrics widely applicable in the project market.

Floor length curtain fabrics & colourful woven fabrics

De Ploeg’s project collection consists of the highest quality curtain and upholstery fabrics. Diverse basics in more than 100 colour ranges. A wide selection of floor length curtain fabrics woven to 3 meter width, which can be confectioned without seams. The upholstery fabrics, featuring unique weaving structures, are dyed in proprietary De Ploeg colours, from neutral to deep and bright. The De Ploeg designers develop colour concepts and apply these to the collections. This allows you to effortlessly combine curtain and upholstery fabrics from the project collection.


Fabrics from De Ploeg’s project collection have been tested and certified according to ISO 6940-6941. The project fabrics are flame retardant, can be cleaned professionally and have high light fastness values. De Ploeg is involved in sustainable development. Production processes are run according to ‘Green code’ standards.

affordable prices

De Ploeg's project collection offers curtain and upholstery fabrics for every day use and in the right price segment. Dutch design in the best quality and in an affordable price range. Contact us for orders exeeding 100 meters.