De Ploeg: acoustic wall system

A number of selected De Ploeg fabrics with specific qualities are extremely well-suited for improving the acoustics of rooms. The thickness and density of these Ploeg fabrics means that they can be used as curtains or panels for better sound absorption in offices, care institutions or meeting rooms, for example. The sound-absorbing fabrics from De Ploeg are tested in accordance with ISO 354:2003.

Professionalism in room acoustics

De Ploeg works exclusively with Vilton. The AkoestiekPro business unit provides advice and supplies acoustic wall panels that absorb sound and are wear resistant. AkoestiekPro are professionals in room acoustics. They focus 100% on room acoustics and offer attractive made-to-measure acoustic solutions which fit your professional image. The Vilton wall system is covered in Vilano fabric from De Ploeg, a combination that enhances the acoustic comfort in the room in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Do contact us for:
  • Customised acoustic advice from an Acoustic Professional, who is happy to take work off the hands of the project designer, the stylist and the architect.
  • An AkoestiekPro professional acoustic product from the Dutch designer brand De Ploeg.


These wall panels help improve the acoustics in your room. Customised advice contributes towards achieving your perfect custom-made solution, which can be adapted to match your individual style. Available in all the colours of De Ploeg Vilano.

Arranging the acoustics in a large space such as a sports hall can be a hugely difficult challenge. No challenge is too great for AkoestiekPro and De Ploeg; contact us and we will tell you how you can obtain the best acoustics in your space.

It takes precision to carry out improvements to the acoustics of a room. For this reason, AkoestiekPro’s systems, which use De Ploeg fabric, are installed by real professionals.

Click here for a comprehensive product description of these acoustic wall panels.

You can find more detailed information about the acoustic wall panels of AkoestiekPro and De Ploeg on the website.

De Ploeg: acoustic curtains

To improve the acoustics of a room, you can also opt for curtains made of sound-absorbing fabric. De Ploeg offers suitable quality types which absorb sound to improve the acoustics. Every room has different acoustic needs according to its shape and function. For advice, you can contact De Ploeg’s project department on +31 (0)492 - 386460 or at