De Ploeg fabrics are designed to contribute towards a good living and working environment. Aesthetics, functionality, comfort and durability go hand-in-hand to achieve this.


De Ploeg fabrics improve the acoustic comfort in the indoor climate: they absorb annoying ambient noise and reverberations and, as a result, ensure peace and quiet and good audibility. This is not only pleasant, but also improves concentration and work productivity.

The indoor environment determines our comfort at home, in the care sector, at school and in the office. How we feel not only depends on the temperature, the relative humidity, the oxygen level, the light, the smell and the colour, but also on the noise level. When used professionally, De Ploeg fabrics improve the acoustics and adjust the acoustics to the room’s function.

A Comfortable acoustic environment

Sounds do not die away quickly in rooms with hard surfaces because the sound reflects. This can cause the noise level to increase and cause a disturbance. De Ploeg offers a collection of sound-absorbing fabrics to deal with this problem. When used as a curtain or panel, the fabrics help to:

  • Absorb ambient noise and reverberations
  • Improve audibility and communication
  • Increase attention and concentration
  • Acoustically separate the room

Good room acoustics prevent stress, communication problems and tiredness.