De Ploeg fabrics are designed to contribute towards a good living environment, where aesthetics, functionality, comfort and sustainability all play a part. De Ploeg stands for craftsmanship, quality and culture, but also for love of the job, modernization, original ideas, design, weaving and tradition. Working with materials, colour and space. Working together with people and for people. De Ploeg makes beautiful materials for beautiful people. Functional, original and good. Focus is given to people.

De Ploeg: comfort

Comfort is the state of mind which makes people feel good in their living environment.

A good interior climate promotes well-being and concerns:

  • Visual comfort
  • Thermal comfort
  • Acoustic comfort
  • Ease-of-use comfort

comfort values

The comfort values can be found in the specifications on the rear of the product sheets. By using textiles, it is possible to influence the amount of daylight that enters a room. Research into comfort values, translated into light transmission, reflection and light absorption, are given on the product sheets. These values can be used to help you make a choice which meets your functional requirements, such as limiting the energy used for a building's interior climate (cooling, heating).

De Ploeg: people and well-being

Here, you will find information about the aspects which are important for people’s well-being.

  • Ökotex Standard 100 De Ploeg curtain and upholstery fabrics made from Pe Trevira CS have the Ökotex 100 quality mark
  • European regulations for chemical substances
  • Comfort values: visual, thermal and ease-of-use

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