Re-use of (cutting) waste by De Ploeg!

Timeless quality: Fit for a second life! Even the hard wearing de Ploeg fabrics become waste at some point. This is why the designers of de Ploeg fabrics have started looking at reusing waste material in new textile products.

Cutting waste during one week’s cutting de Ploeg customer orders: starting small often means getting to the core of the problem, so the designers started by collecting and analysing the cutting waste. In one week: more than 50 pieces of more than one meter square were counted. The designers found trevira curtain fabric, woven stripes, printed designs and pure wool upholstery fabrics and felt. This box of waste was a treasure trove of information on what had been cut, but also a treasure trove of material to work with!

Together with other designers, new products are being developed made of cutting waste. Designers and artists working together with De Ploeg on this project:

Daphna Laurens - Marijn Damen - Barbara Polderman - Greetje van Tiem - Brigitte Dalmaijer - Christel Verhoeven - Maren Hartveld - Jo Meesters - Lotty Lindeman


Re-use of De Ploeg fabric cutting waste: During the past year Diana van Dongen and De Ploeg have been working on the Re-use Project. This has resulted in a new brand: Koda Amsterdam.

Koda Amsterdam came to be after a period of intense cooperation. Dutch designers were inspired by de Ploeg fabrics, creating a first series of products consisting of bags, sleeves, stools and jewellery. All unique products as the variety in cutting waste ensures that every design is different. Made with love by Dutch design workshops.

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