Novelties from De Ploeg at the IMM in Cologne

Novelties from De Ploeg at the IMM in Cologne

Work on high quality

De Ploeg’s objective has not changed in almost a hundred years: to work on high quality, honest materials that are durable. With heart and soul we endeavour to create an iconic, own design, paying attention to what people need in essence, to live and work comfortably. With these principles In mind, we recently introduced at the IMM, superior, functional fabrics which bring peace, balance and beauty to the interior.

Shaping color

With new colourful, graphic designs we also dare to let in a hint of the unexpected. Geometric shapes, blocks and planes with a playful and refined signature. Modern and loosely inspired by familiar motives, so still trusted.

minimalist Scandinavian

The new De Ploeg plain fabrics, colour melanges and weave structures radiate calm and reserved luxury, countering the busy world outside. Our inspiration for this part of the collections comes from the minimalist Scandinavian style: elegant and harmonious, beautiful in its simplicity.

We presented Sea & Ocean at the IMM

In response to the rising demand for sustainable products, we presented Sea & Ocean at the IMM. This product is made from washed up ocean plastic. Both qualities give a new life to plastic litter which has been carefully collected from ocean beaches by impassioned volunteers from project U-turn. With this ground-breaking reuse, De Ploeg helps to keep beaches clean all over the world and saves on resources.

acoustic qualities

For the first time De Ploeg presented a line of fabrics which are both noise reducing and sheer. Quiet, Calm and Fade are special qualities that take the edge off unwanted noise and resonance. We work and live in a hectic world. We have to be available all the time and everywhere which creates a lot of distraction. That is why we look for peace and a place to reflect. Our acoustic qualities offer a solution. With their dampening qualities they contribute to the comfort of a room – increased relaxation in living areas and heightened concentration in the workplace.

three-dimensional upholstery fabric

We also introduced a series of new furniture fabrics. Bold for example. A three-dimensional upholstery fabric, in line with the quality Polar. Bold’s graphic design is stitched onto the woollen upholstery fabric Feltwool. Suitable for acoustic panels and as a decorative furniture fabric.

European REACH regulations

All De Ploeg fabrics are almost fully produced in the EU where production processes and working conditions are strictly regulated. All our qualities comply with the European REACH regulations and are produced without use of harmful chemicals.