Wool fabrics



De Ploeg introduces 100% pure wool upholstery fabrics.

De Ploeg makes the best fabrics from natural materials. Woollen upholstery fabrics that are durable and leave a lasting impression, such as the Ploegwool quality range. The soft mélange structure of Ploegwool offers the best of both worlds: pure, natural materials and an innovative soft touch. The colour combinations are at home in any interior - pebble and powder shades that bring a more sensitive, softer and less severe touch to the world of design.

Why does the material & colour of de ploeg fabrics touch you?

You know you're on to something as soon as you see it. You are hit by passion, skill, material and colour. Wondering why?

It’s the attraction of authenticity, of free minds, future thinking and craftsmanship. De Ploeg fabrics are made by investing time. Time to look at the world, think and do research. Research in yarn, structures in weaving, colour and knowledge of the textile craft. Behind the product a story is told.

Strong features of Ploegwool

  • Natural material: 100% pure wool
  • Mélange colour allows fabric to blend in with colours in any room
  • Comfortable, soft touch
  • Woollen fabrics have functional properties such as insulating, flame extinguishing, self-cleaning, breathing
  • ‘Best quality’, fine yarn twine, high yarn weight
  • Highly durable, ten-year guarantee for home furnishings
  • The fabric is available in 64 colours